Lucky Peach Issue 12: Seashore.pdf

Lucky Peach Issue 12: Seashore.pdf


"Lucky Peach" is a quarterly journal of food and writing. Each issue focuses on a single theme, and explores that theme through essays, art, photography, and recipes. The theme for Issue 12 is Seashore.

"A glorious, improbable artifact... "Lucky Peach" is not only something to behold, it is also something to hold, a reminder of print's true wingspan."--"The New York Times""A masterpiece of modern-food culture."--"Time""The magazine's tone is so casual it's almost drunken. Its aesthetic is a graphic pulp pastiche of drawings, photo essays and kitsch--you'll discover traces of comic books, handwritten script and recipes presented in science-lab format."--"The Wall Street Journal""There's been a sudden growth in magazines for food obsessives eager for more than just recipes. "Lucky Peach"... is perhaps the cleverest. A nerdy, witty high-end- fan-zine, it makes smart use of Chang's contacts, with Anthony Bourdain, Harold McGee and Mario Batali among the contributors."--"The Guardian"

Lucky Peach is edited by David Chang, Peter Meehan, and Chris Ying.


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