The Greenhouse Gardener's Manual.pdf

The Greenhouse Gardener's Manual.pdf


Imagine biting into a fresh, juicy tomato straight from the vine in the middle of winter. Or growing a huge collection of succulents and cacti in even the coldest parts of the world. Or relaxing, mid-snowstorm, in a warm room packed with colorful and fragrant flowers, like orchids, fuchsias, and paperwhites. These are just a few of the benefits a home greenhouse can offer. In The Greenhouse Gardener s Manual, Roger Marshall provides you with every tool and technique you need to successfully grow edibles and ornamentals in a well-maintained greenhouse. You will learn how to choose the right greenhouse, how to create a healthy greenhouse environment, how to start seeds and propagate, and how to maintain your greenhouse. Marshall also offers plant profiles with complete growing information for hundreds of edible and ornamental plants. Greenhouses offer gardeners a way to extend their growing season, a chance to increase their plant palette beyond the limits of their region, and a place of refuge. And with The Greenhouse Gardener s Manual in hand, you can finally do it all with confidence!

Roger Marshall built his own home as well as several gardens from rough, overgrown land and two large greenhouses, one heated and one unheated. He now grows fruit trees, flowering plants, vegetables, and flowers all year round in them. He is the editor of Home Greenhouse magazine and the author of fifteen other books.


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