The Information Professional's Guide to Quantitative Research: A Practical Handbook.pdf

The Information Professional's Guide to Quantitative Research: A Practical Handbook.pdf


There has been a long tradition of quantitative research in the information profession. However, even the most cursory examination of research actually undertaken in this area demonstrates several acute problems: inadequate use of relevant prior work; poor sample selection; inadequate attention to methodological aspects; and lack of statistical analysis and techniques. The authors now fulfil this evident need with this companion volume to their respected work Qualitative Research for the Information Professional. A key strength of both titles is that they are intended specifically for the use of information professionals, and are tailored to their needs in the choice of case studies and examples selected. In this practical manual, each chapter will include focus questions, an introduction to the subject matter, clear exposition of what are sometimes complex issues, scenarios set in a context relevant to the reader, and suggestions for personal reflection and further activity and reading. Today's electronic world presents challenging opportunities to researchers and research-users alike, and the text fully reflects their need to face these implications in their work. Covering all the latest techniques, this is an essential aid for the new or seasoned researcher.

Peter Clayton is Associate Professor in Information Management and Program Director for Information Studies at the University of Canberra, Australia. G E Gorman is Professor of Library and Information Management at the School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Key areas covered include: The nature of information research Quantitative research design Introduction to statistics Inferential statistics Reading and evaluating quantitative research The research proposal and its execution Survey research Delphi research Experimental research Content analysis Reporting research.


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