The Hustons: The Life and Times of a Hollywood Dynasty.pdf

The Hustons: The Life and Times of a Hollywood Dynasty.pdf


In this candid biography Lawrence Grobel chronicles the remarkable story of the Huston family, which boasts three Oscar winners, from Walter to John to Anjelica, with particular attention to the rich career and tumultuous personal life of director/actor John Huston (1906-1987). This updated edition covers Anjelica's stormy relationship with Jack Nicholson, her liberating marriage to artist Robert Graham, the exploits of her brothers Tony and Danny, the mysterious silence of Maricela, John's last love interest and more.

"Extensive and often fascinating, stuffed with movie lore and opinions from more than 200 interviews--perhaps setting a new record for Hollywood books." New York Times "An ambitious family biography, embracing actor Walter, his writer-director-actor son John, and John's three children, actress Anjelica, writer Tony, and director Danny ... The focus is on John, who over the last three years of his life granted extensive interviews to the author." Library Journal "[Grobel's] research is the most impressive aspect of this massive volume, and he is even-handed." Publishers Weekly "An engrossing study in family of the best biographies of a Hollywood personality." Miami Herald "A delicious, wicked guide to the delicious, wicked life of a sly, sadistic scoundrel." Sunday Times "Rich and captivating." Cosmopolitan "Fabulous ... a tremendous spellbinder." Kirkus Reviews "Marvelously alive ... he's done his subject proud. " Los Angeles Magazine "A sprawling, explosive family album. " NY Daily News "A dramatic tapestry of a life lived to the fullest." Playboy "A sprawling saga that richly details the lives of Huston, his father Walter and his offspring." L.A. Times

Lawrence Grobel is the author of 18 books and a contributor to numerous publications including the New York Times, Newsday, and Rolling Stone. Grobel's books include Conversations with Brando; and the New York Times bestseller Climbing Higher with Montel Williams.


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