Exercises for the Feynman Lectures on Physics.pdf

Exercises for the Feynman Lectures on Physics.pdf


Combined into one volume for the first time, the clarified and modernized "Exercises for the Feynman Lectures on Physics" provides a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to all the most important topics in physics--from the conservation of energy through the theory of gravitation and the laws of thermodynamics. A perfect complement to the "Feynman Lectures on Physics," these exercises give students a chance to apply what they have learned and reinforce the concepts taught by the inimitable Richard Feynman.

The late Richard P. Feynman was Richard Chace Tolman Professor of Theoretical Physics at the California Institute of Technology. He was awarded the 1965 Nobel Prize for his work on the development of quantum field theory. He was also one of the most famous and beloved figures of the twentieth century, both in physics and as a public intellectual. "Exercises for The Feynman Lectures on Physics" is edited by Michael A. Gottlieb and Rudlf Pfeiffer, publishers of the online edition of FLP at the Feynman Lectures Websites.


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