Understanding Biophotonics: Fundamentals, Advances and Applications.pdf

Understanding Biophotonics: Fundamentals, Advances and Applications.pdf


Major advancements in biophotonics have successfully permeated biochemistry and cell/molecular biology as well as numerous preclinical applications. This book presents the fundamentals of optics and biophotonics to newcomers who are interested in this multidisciplinary research field. With contributions from leading experts, the text highlights major current advancements in preclinical diagnostics using optical microscopy and spectroscopy, including multiphoton microscopy, nanoscopy, and endomicroscopy. The book also introduces a number of emerging techniques and toolsets for biophotonics applications, such as nanoplasmonics, microresonators for molecular detection, and subcellular optical nanosurgery.

Kevin K. Tsia is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and the Medical Engineering Program, at the University of Hong Kong. His research interests cover ultra-fast real-time spectroscopy and microscopy for biomedical applications, such as flow cytometry and endoscopic laser microsurgery.

Essential Basics of Photonics Essential Basics of Light-Matter Interaction Optical Coherence Tomography Optical Scanning Holography Multiphoton Microscopy Calcium Imaging of Neuronal Activity Fluorescence Nanoscopy Coherent Nonlinear Microscopy Raman Spectroscopy of Single Cells Intravital Endomicroscopy Nanoplasmonic Subcellular Optical Nanosurgery Label-Free Detection of Nanoscale Objects Using Resonance Phenomena Optical Transfection of Mammalian Cells Optical Tweezers


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