Food Safety in China: A Comprehensive Review.pdf

Food Safety in China: A Comprehensive Review.pdf


This book provides a comprehensive review of the efforts put forth by China to prevent food safety concerns, including the abuse of food additives. Looking at food producers and operators, consumers, and government agencies as part of an organic system, the book examines the complete system of the food supply chain from multi-scientific systematic points of view. It begins with the production of agricultural products and investigates the changing track of food safety (including imported and exported products) in the key aspects of production, circulation, and consumption between 2006 and 2011.

Part I Food safety status and its changing trends Market supply and quality and safety of major edible agricultural products Food industry development and food quality in the production chain Food safety supervision in circulation and food quality and safety Quality and safety of imported and exported food Actual state and future trends of food safety risks Food safety evaluation and a number of issues of concern of urban and rural residents Part II Food safety and development of its support system Development and implementation results of the food safety legal system Historical changes and performance study of the food safety regulatory system Development of the technological support system of food safety and international comparisons Overview of the development of a food safety standards system Overview of operation of the food safety information disclosure system Construction progress of the national food safety risk monitoring, assessment and early warning system Part III Annual concerns regarding food safety Food safety events of major concern in 2011 and brief comments Food safety events in other countries in 2011 Additive abuse and intentional addition of inedible substances in the food industry Analysis of food safety research status and hot topics in China References


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