Risk, Challenge and Adventure in the Early Years.pdf

Risk, Challenge and Adventure in the Early Years.pdf


What is the difference between 'risk' and 'danger'? What can children learn from taking risks? How can you provide key experiences for children and ensure their safety outdoors? Young children will naturally seek out challenges and take risks and this is crucial to their overall development. This book clearly explains why children should be given the freedom to take risks and provides practical guidance on how to offer stimulating and challenging outdoor experiences that will extend all areas of children's learning. Including examples of activities for all weather conditions across all areas of learning, the book covers: Health, wellbeing and keeping safe Risk assessment Supporting individual children with different needs Creativity and sustained shared thinking Options with limited outdoor space Working with parents and addressing concerns Observation, planning and assessment This book is essential reading for practitioners and students that wish to provide rich experiences for children that will enable them to become confident and adventurous learners.

1. Theoretical background; 2. The importance of risk and challenge: key principles; 3. The Role of the Learning Environment; 4. Dealing with fears and concerns; 5. Planning and Observation


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