Little Bear and the Butterflies.pdf

Little Bear and the Butterflies.pdf


Mummy Bear’s favorite game when she was little was chasing butterflies in Bluebell Meadow. Now Little Bear can’t wait to find this magical place for herself, but it’s time for her nap. When a butterfly lands on her nose, she sets out to find Bluebell Meadow with the help of her animal friends. Chasing the butterflies and making daisy chains is so much fun she completely forgets
the time! "I wish I could stay here forever," she yawns, when a soft voice tells her to wake up. Could it all have been a dream? A gentle story about a little bear and the power of dreams, with a magical twist at the end. Beautifully illustrated, Little Bear and the Butterflies introduces young children to the pleasures of reading and sharing stories. Discussion points for parents and teachers are also included.

Susan Quinn became a children’s librarian at 23 years old. Her experiences as a mother and as a child playing in a meadow full of bluebells inspired her to write Little Bear and the Butterflies. She lives in London. Illustrator and artist Caroline Pedler has been working on children’s books since 1999 and her work has been published worldwide. The illustrator of over 40 books for children, she lives in Cornwall, U.K.


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