A Song for Issy Bradley: A Novel.pdf

A Song for Issy Bradley: A Novel.pdf


A mesmerizing literary debut novel of doubt, faith, and perseverance in the aftermath of a family tragedy—for fans of Me Before You, Little Bee, and Tell the Wolves I’m Home.
The Bradleys see the world as a place where miracles are possible, and where nothing is more important than family. This is their story.
It is the story of Ian Bradley—husband, father, math teacher, and Mormon bishop—and his unshakeable belief that everything will turn out all right if he can only endure to the end, like the pioneers did. It is the story of his wife, Claire, her lonely wait for a sign from God, and her desperate need for life to pause while she comes to terms with tragedy.
And it is the story of their children: sixteen-year-old Zippy Bradley, experiencing the throes of first love; cynical, fourteen-year-old Al, who would rather play soccer than read the Book of Mormon; and seven-year-old Jacob, whose faith is bigger than a mustard seed—probably bigger than a toffee candy, he thinks—and he’s planning to use it to mend his broken family with a miracle.
Intensely moving, unexpectedly funny, and deeply observed, A Song for Issy Bradley explores the outer reaches of doubt and faith, and of a family trying to figure out how to carry on when the innermost workings of their world have broken apart.

Carys Bray was brought up in a strict Mormon family. In her early thirties, she replaced religion with writing and in 2010 she completed an MA in creative writing at Edge Hill University. That same year she won the Edge Hill student prize, and her stories have since been published in a variety of literary magazines. She was awarded the Scott prize for her debut collection Sweet Home, and is now working on a Ph.D. She lives in Southport, United Kingdom, with her husband and four children. This is her first novel.


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