Harry: A Teenage Mass Murderer.pdf

Harry: A Teenage Mass Murderer.pdf


Sixteen-year-old Harry Hebard wiped out his family line in 1963 when he killed all five members while pot roast cooked in the oven and potatoes boiled on the stove. With a renowned criminal profiler, walk into the mind of a killer, still alive today and continuing to serve his time. Readers enter not only the mind and heart of Harry, but are educated in the world of killers. Stunning and timely, readers learn the difference between a mass murderer like Harry and an active shooter like Virginia Technical College's Seung-Hui Cho. This is a must-read for true crime enthusiasts but also a vital awareness tool for parents, teachers, school administrators, those working with juveniles or young adults, and business leaders wanting to educate themselves and their work force about the potential of shooting incidents in the work place.

Steve Daniels spent 26 years in criminal, the last 12 years as a high-risk parole agent, specializing in drug-killers, sex murderers, multiple victim slayers and those who killed for hire. He interviewed 200 convicted murderers and is co-author of a profile for agents developed from those interviews. Steve continues to chair a cold case review team; consults on homicide cases and organizes the widely acclaimed National Homicide Conference.He resides in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with his wife, Nancy.


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