Twentieth-Century War and Conflict: A Concise Encyclopedia.pdf

Twentieth-Century War and Conflict: A Concise Encyclopedia.pdf


Drawn from the award-winning 5-volume Encyclopedia of War, this valuable, one-volume reference provides readers with essential information on the conflicts and concepts that shaped global warfare in the twentieth century and up to the present day. Drawing on the 5-volume Encyclopedia of War , this concise volume provides essential coverage of 20 th century warfare across the world Features entries on all major wars, conflicts and concepts in the study of warfare during the period An affordable and handy personal reference for students of modern and contemporary history, professional scholars, and military history enthusiasts Authoritative, up-to-date content produced by the best international scholars

Gordon Martel is Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Northern British Columbia and Adjunct Professor at the University of Victoria. He has written widely on the history of modern war. Among his best-known books are Imperial Diplomacy (1985) and The Origins of the First World War (3 rd edition, 2008). He has edited numerous scholarly publications including The World War Two Reader (2004), A Companion to Europe, 1900-1945 (Blackwell, 2006), A Companion to International History, 1900-2001 (Blackwell, 2007), and The Encyclopedia of War (5 volumes, 2012). His most recent work is July 1914: The Month That Changed the World (2014).


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