Transfusion Free Medicine and Surgery.pdf

Transfusion Free Medicine and Surgery.pdf


This book aims to be a guide to the practice of blood conservation. The first chapter discusses the legal and administrative aspects of bloodless medicine describing the legal principles and practical issues relatd to refusal of transfusion. The second is on balancing the risks and benefits of transfusion includes clinical vignettes of appropriate and inappropriate transfusion. The remainder of the book covers the principles and practice of bloodless medicine, including a chapter on the scientific issues of haemostasis and the investigation of bleeding idsorders. The book concludes with chapters on blood conservation in neonatal and paediatric surgery, the costs associated with blood transfusion and the quest for artifical blood. New chapters will be included to address blood utilization in oncology and geriatric patients.

Contributor List, xxx Preface, xxx 1 History of Blood Transfusion Shannon L. Farmer, James Isbister, Michael F. Leahy 2 The Ethical Complexities of Transfusion-Free Medicine, Surgery and Research Katrina A. Bramstedt 3 Transfusion Therapy - Balancing the Risks and Benefits Irina Maramica, Ira A. Shulman 4 The Physiology of Anemia and the Threshold for Blood Transfusion Senthil G. Krishna, Ahsan Syed, Jason Bryant, Joseph D. Tobias 5 Blood Transfusion in Surgery Sharad Sharma, Lance W Griffin, Nicolas Jabbour 6 Current view of coagulation system Yoogoo Kang, Elia Elia 7 Topical Hemostatic Agents Fabrizio Di Benedetto, Giuseppe Tarantino 8 Intraoperative strategies for transfusion-free medicine Joseph D. Tobias 9 Post-operative Management in Transfusion-free Medicine and Surgery in the ICU Jean-Louis Vincent 10 The changing transfusion practice of neonatal and pediatric surgery Pamela J. Kling and Nicolas Jabbour 11 Current management of anemia in oncology Shelly Sharma, Sharad Sharma 12 Artificial blood Aryeh Shander, Mazyar Javidroozi, Seth Perelman 13 Translational Strategies to Minimize Transfusion Requirement in Liver Surgery and Transplantation: Targeting Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury Reza F. Saidi, S. Kamran Hejazi Kenari 14 Legal and Administrative Issues Related to Transfusion-Free Medicine and Surgery Programs Randy Henderson, Nicolas Jabbour 15 Basic Principles of Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Nicolas Jabbour Index, xx


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