Loopy Coop Hens: Oh No! A Fox!.pdf

Loopy Coop Hens: Oh No! A Fox!.pdf


Janet Morgan Stoeke is the author of the ever-popular Minerva Louise series.  She, her husband, and their four children live in Virginia near Washington, DC.

This fourth book in the Loopy Coop Hens series is full of laughs for little ones!

Midge, Pip and Dot are hens. They live on Loopy Coop Farm. One night, a fox finds their coop. Oh no!

The hens need help. Who will help? What about Rooster Sam? No help. What about the dog? No help. It’s up to Dot. That fox will have a silly surprise, and so will you!

This easy to read picture book from the author of Minerva Louise is a perfect pick for parents reading to their young ones for the first time.


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