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"Once McMillan puts his daring plan into place, the action rips along like a thriller . . . breathtaking stuff." --"News of the World" on "Escape "

David McMillan began his drug-smuggling career following a trip to India in his 20s. Following his arrest in Thailand and subsequent escape from Klong Prem maximum-security prison in 1996, David continued to undertake risky adventures until retiring to London in the late '90s.

The only Westerner ever to escape from Thailand's notorious Bangkok Hilton, drug smuggler David McMillan tells his story from the beginning in The Edge, the gripping prequel to the international bestseller Escape. A millionaire by twenty-one, McMillan smuggles two tonnes of marijuana from northern Thailand by Learjet, befriends drug-dealing pimps in fishbowl brothels in Bangkok, rigs cockfights in Manila with a disgraced British peer and transports liquid heroin in a glass statue. But success comes at a heavy cost. While this true survivor serves prison time in half a dozen countries on four continents, the true price of his exploits is paid by everyone he holds dear.


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