Admissions Essay Boot Camp: How to Write Your Way into the Elite College of Your Dreams.pdf

Admissions Essay Boot Camp: How to Write Your Way into the Elite College of Your Dreams.pdf


ASHLEY WELLINGTON founded college prep company Mint Tutors ( in 2010. She graduated from Princeton University in 2006 and received her master's degree from St. Andrews University in Scotland. Wellington has tutored for several elite agencies, including Metro Academic Prep (MAP), the Tutoring Collective, and Olympiad Academia, and has edited for leading college essay website CEO (College Essay Optimizer). Known as "the essay czar" by her students, Wellington will also be a star of the upcoming Bravo television show tentatively titled Ivy League Confidential, which will follow elite tutors--and their quirky parent/student clients--through the admissions process.

Founder of elite college prep agency Mint Tutors and upcoming star of Bravo's tentatively titled Ivy League Confidential, Ashley Wellington shares hard-hitting essay-writing advice tailored to each student's strengths and potential pitfalls, inspiring students to write as if guided by their own personal college admissions tutor.
     The formulaic approach of most college admissions essay guides doesn't apply seamlessly to all students--and worse yet, can teach them to sound ordinary. In this uber-competitive landscape, students are no longer looking for "essay in a day"-level advice. Mint Tutors founder Ashley Wellington's tailored advice empowers real students to craft higher-quality essays that will get them into Ivy-level institutions. By using common academic and extracurricular "types" to show students how to think through their essay ideas (why their approach might work, how it might fail, and how to highlight their best traits), this book replicates a brainstorming and editing session with a private tutor who knows how to dish out both encouragement and tough love--and get results.


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