Age of Imprisonment: Work, Life and Death Among Older Men in British Prisons.pdf

Age of Imprisonment: Work, Life and Death Among Older Men in British Prisons.pdf


Elaine Crawley is Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Director of the Salford University Centre for Prison Studies at Salford University. Richard Sparks is Professor of Criminology and Co-Director of the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research at the University of Edinburgh.

1. Introduction 2. The 'Greying' of a Prison Population: Our Research in Context 3. Entering Prison in Later Life: Trauma, Survival, Coping and Identity 4. The Invisible Men? Prison Regimes, Routines and Practices 5. Passing Time: The Everyday Lives of Older Prisoners 6. Between Discipline and Care: Staff Perspectives 7. Hidden Injuries: The Problem Re-stated 8. Uncertain Futures: Death, Release and Resettlement, Conclusions

This book addresses the issue of the rapidly growing number of elderly men entering and serving time in prison. It draws upon extensive original research in four prisons holding concentrations of men aged sixty-five plus years. It examines, in fine-grained detail, the emotional, psychological and practical implications of serving a prison sentence late in life and the challenges facing staff working with this prisoner group. The work reported in this book combines a contextual policy analysis and an appraisal of current regimes and practices with close observation in the field and narrative interviews. This book will be of interest to academics and researchers working in the fields of criminology, prison studies and social studies of ageing, and those working in prisons in Britain and internationally.


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