Generation Alt: The New Movement in Alternative Investing.pdf

Generation Alt: The New Movement in Alternative Investing.pdf


CLIFFORD J. JACK (Denver, Colorado) is Executive Vice President and Head of Retail for Jackson®, a leading financial services organization. He has been a visionary leader in product, sales, distribution and marketing in the financial services industry for over 27 years. Jack is a keynote speaker and is frequently quoted in the financial press. He holds a BA from San Francisco State University.

Focusing on a new movement in alternative investing, this book provides insight into this exciting portfolio strategy. The author demystifies and uncovers the alternative asset class; educates and entertains everyday investors with colorful analogies and easy-to-understand methodologies; identifies useful portfolio strategies, tools and techniques in alternative investing. Following the worst global financial crisis, volatility and a low interest rate environment remain major concerns for investors. Clifford Jack combines the art of analogy and the science of methodology to help investors seek out ideas on building a portfolio. He digs deep to uncover and help simplify the alternative asset class. This timely and insightful read will help everyday investors gain insight into alternative investing.


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