Engineering Innovative Products: A Practical Experience.pdf

Engineering Innovative Products: A Practical Experience.pdf


The book can be used as a course text for senior undergraduates enrolled in product innovation modules within Electrical Engineering and Computing courses, as well as Mechanical Engineering product design/ Capstone courses. The book will be of key use to those graduates enrolled in the ever increasing number of engineering innovation courses available at MSc level. The book will teach the skills of entrepreneurship and addresses all the key ingredients involved in initiating a successful technology company. It will offer much more than business planning as it will focus on using the readers' technical knowledge to undertake genuine product validation, and will consider all of the engineering aspects in producing a feasibility study as well as the business aspects of starting a company. It will explain how to marry effectively the costs and marketing needs of product design with the practical realizations of producing the product, and the fine balance between these competing aspects. It will provide the essential background and insights to identifying a market need, creating a realistic product to address the issue and subsequently developing a full business proposition to create a successful technical company from this.


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