Stuart Durant has published extensively on architecture, and design and his writings have been translated into French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. He was the originator of the International Design Yearbook, which was published between 1985–2007.

Beautifully produced with an exceptional amount of illustration, Ornament documents the remarkable variety of decoration produced since the Industrial Revolution.
This illustrated survey of decoration is unique; no recent work has ever attempted to capture such an extraordinary breadth of theme and variations. Each chapter of Ornament is devoted to a particular style with discussions ranging from the rise of nineteenth-century Encyclopedism, to Gothic Revival, to Orientalism, to the Arts & Crafts Movement, to Modernism, and beyond. Many of the illustrations presented here have been reproduced from rarely published sources or original works. Included as well are over 200 biographies of influential designers and surely the most complete bibliography ever likely to be published on the subject.
Ornament provides an unrivaled source work for designers. It makes an instant claim as the essential reference for readers with an interest in decoration and design.


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