Sea Glass Jewelry: Create Beautiful and Unique Designs from Beach-Found Treasures.pdf

Sea Glass Jewelry: Create Beautiful and Unique Designs from Beach-Found Treasures.pdf


Mary Beth Beuke is a native of the Pacific coast who spent much of her childhood beachcombing. She is the owner of West Coast Sea Glass, specializing in jewelry made of genuine, handpicked, high quality sea glass from all over the world. Recently featured on The Travel Channel, and in National Geographic and Coastal Living magazine, Beuke was president of the North American Sea Glass Assoc. from 2006-2010. She works out of two studios along Washington State's Puget Sound. She sells her creations in over 40 galleries and shows. She can found at She lives in Sequim, WA.

Tumbled smooth by ocean waves and washed ashore on beaches everywhere, sea glass has long been sought after for its decorative quality. Now, this book shows how to incorporate those striking, frosted fragments of old jars and bottles into stunning jewelry. With its organic shapes and beautiful aquamarine, amber, and jade hues, sea glass naturally evokes the ocean. Which is why trend-setting artisans have made it the coolest new material for their fashionable wares. Sea Glass Jewelry guides readers step by step from the beachcomber's hunt all the way through the finer points of crafting lovely necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and unisex jewelry with these sparkling shards. This first how-to guide for sea glass crafters includes information on hand-drilling and beading, wire wrapping, and incorporating sterling silver and gold accents into all kinds of accessories. With gorgeous color photographs and detailed instructions, it is a must-have for sea glass enthusiasts of all ages.


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