Tongren Medicinal Diet --同仁药膳英文版.pdf

Tongren Medicinal Diet --同仁药膳英文版.pdf


BOOK PREFACE -- BY LOREN ISRAELSEN<br><br>When I was young, I lived in Japan for several years for religious reasons. That’s why I have deep feelings for the mysterious Oriental culture. Later, during the period when I was in charge of a large American health products company, Nature’s Way, and the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA), I discussed with the successor of the Le Family the Chinese way of health preserving. Meanwhile I heard about many of the magical functions of Oriental food therapy, and they were quite appealing to me.<br><br>Earlier this year I was invited to visit China. Meanwhile, the standing director of CAHF and director of Nanjing Health Care Association, Ms. Jin Yan, invited me to taste the Tongrentang health-protection food prepared by a famous chef in China, Mr. Wang Bin. In this event, I experienced the transition from hearing about Chinese medicinal diets to seeing them and then savoring them. Besides the delightful experience, I, as a person, benefited from TCM, obtained a deep understanding of the Oriental wisdom behind those profound philosophies and also became absorbed in the joy of sense of taste. Even my soul was enriched by Tongrentang medicinal foods.<br><br>The last twenty to thirty years have witnessed a rapid improvement in the living standard of Chinese people. Their pursuit of health has been increasingly reflected in health preservation guided by the principle of the integration of heaven and man and balanced diets according to the balance between yin and yang in Chinese philosophy.<br><br>The Tongrentang medicinal diet is a subject of science as well as a type of art unique to the East. It satisfies our human nature which dislikes medicine but likes food, which naturally controls the subtle adjustments of our health. I am looking forward to having another experience of the fantastic Tongrentang medicinal diet. A true feast.<br><br>Loren Israelsen


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