Alexandria: The Last Night of Cleopatra.pdf

Alexandria: The Last Night of Cleopatra.pdf


“A thoroughly enjoyable combination of history, autobiography, travel and general musings about Alexandria . . . Don’t try to categorize this book; just read it and let it flow over you.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Peter Stothard is Editor of the Times Literary Supplement and author of Spartacus Road. From 1992 to 2002 he was the Editor of The Times. In 2012 he was chairman of the judges for the Man Booker Prize.

When Peter Stothard, editor of the Times Literary Supplement, finds himself stranded in Alexandria in the winter of 2010 after his flight to South Africa has been canceled, he sets out to explore a nation on the brink of revolution. Guided by two native Egyptians, Stothard traces his own life-long interest in the history of Cleopatra, and his repeated failure to write the book about her that he had always wanted to. In Alexandria, part memoir and part travel literature, Stothard uses the sights and sounds of the ancient city to reconnect with the formative experiences of his childhood education and his literary career. Melancholy and often humorous, Alexandria offers a first-hand glimpse into the fracturing police state of Honsi Mubarak, before the uprising in Tahrir Square changed everything.


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