Continuity and Change in Sub-Saharan African Demography.pdf

Continuity and Change in Sub-Saharan African Demography.pdf


Clifford Odimegwu heads a regional demographic training program at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. John Kekovole is an Executive Manager in charge of population statistics at Statistics South Africa.

Introduction 1. Accuracy of Age-Sex Data in African Censuses 2. Dynamics of Household Structure in sub-Saharan Africa 3. Demography of Armed Conflict in Africa: What Can We Learn from African Censuses? 4. Analysis of Mortality using Census and Household Data: A Practical Bayesian Approach 5. Gender Profile of Education and Educational Attainment in Africa 6. Living Arrangements of Children in Africa and their Implications on Schooling 7. Estimates of Maternal Mortality using Census Data: Focus on Mozambique 8. Demography of Labour Force in African Censuses 9. Fertility Trends in sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Census Data 10. Profiling the Elderly: Understanding the Recent Trends in Acceleration of African Population Ageing 11. International Migration in Africa: Lessons from the Censues on Regional and Inter-Regional Movements 12. Nuptiality patterns and Differentials in Africa: Analysis of African Census Data 13. Religious Variation in Completed Fertility in sub-Saharan Africa 14. Sub-Saharan African Children and Adolescents: Dividend or Debt? 15. Child Mortality and Health in sub-Saharan Africa 16. Re-Estimation of Adult mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa 17. Orphans and Vulnerable Children in sub-Saharan Africa 18. Population Policies and Programmes in Africa Conclusion

This book offers an in-depth African perspective to the major issues in demographic discourse in sub-Saharan Africa. It provides comprehensive analysis of sub-Saharan African censuses, profiling demographic changes, trends, patterns and consequences in the region. Interdisciplinary, comprehensive, accessible, simple and topical, this volume is perfectly suited to researchers, students and lecturers who are interested in understanding sub-Saharan African population dynamics and issues.


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