My Cat Has Arthritis ...: .. but Lives Life to the Full!.pdf

My Cat Has Arthritis ...: .. but Lives Life to the Full!.pdf


Gill Carrick is an author and feature writer who has contributed to a range of national newspapers and magazines in the UK, and abroad. A former producer and presenter for BBC radio and TV, Gill hosted her own health programme, which was syndicated to radio stations across the UK. Gill is particularly interested in the subject of arthritis, which she believes is an often overlooked area of concern for animals, as well as humans. Her first book on arthritis, Arthritis - The Essential Guide, was published in September 2011. Her second book on the subject, My Dog has Arthritis, but lives life to the full, was published in 2012. Gill is a member of the Medical Journalists' Association.

Arthritis doesn't only affect humans and dogs; cats can suffer from this debilitating condition too. There are around nine million cats in the UK, with three-quarters of those over eight years old showing signs of the disease. Yet arthritis is on the rise, and while cats' survival instincts mean they don't usually vocalise their pain, it doesn't mean they're not hurting. My cat has arthritis, but lives life to the full, gives our feline friends the voice they've been longing for. With expert input from leading feline vets, cat dieticians, and specialists in complementary therapies, the book covers all aspects of the disease, from how to spot the signs, to where to go for help. Areas covered include: the types of feline arthritis; the importance of an early diagnosis; the different kinds of treatment available, and the question of euthanasia for cats whose pain and discomfort sadly cannot be controlled. Featuring moving case histories, owner insight, and lavish colour photos, this book is an invaluable companion for all cat owners, and anyone considering getting a cat.


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