Rails 4 in Action.pdf

Rails 4 in Action.pdf


AUTHOR BIO Ryan Bigg is a Rails developer living in Melbourne, Australia, recognized for his prolific and accurate answers on IRC and StackOverflow. He was named a Ruby Hero for his work on the Rails Guides and for being generally helpful in the ROR community. Yehuda Katz is the founder of the EmberJS framework, a former lead developer on SproutCore, and is well-known for his contributions to Rails 4, jQuery, Bundler, and Merb. Steve Klabnik is a member of the Ruby on Rails team. A prolific open source contributor, he's made contributions to a large number of Ruby projects, including Rails, Sinatra, Rubygems, Rubinius, Resque, Draper, and over 20 gems of his own. When he's not speaking at conferences, working on Rails, or training on Ruby and Rails at Jumpstart Lab, he's reading philosophy books and applying their lessons to software.

DESCRIPTION Ruby on Rails is an open source web framework. It's famously simple to build a basic Rails application. Once you've started down the track, however, you discover that Rails is a powerful, deep, and rich full-stack platform capable of tackling virtually any development challenge. Rails 4 in Action is a fully-revised second edition of Rails 3 in Action. This hands-on, comprehensive introduction to Rails gives readers everything they need to become competent and confident Rails developers. It shows how to develop a ticket tracking application that includes RESTful routing, authentication and authorization, file uploads, email, and more. It explores powerful features like designing APIs and building a Rails engine. The book also provides Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development in action throughout the book-just like in a top Rails shop. RETAIL SELLING POINTS * Fully updated for Rails 4 * New and improved testing examples * More options for creating APIs * Written by Rails community leaders AUDIENCE It is helpful for readers to have a background in Ruby, but no prior Rails experience is needed. ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY Ruby on Rails, often called Rails, is an open source web framework for the Ruby programming language. It's a full-stack platform capable of tackling virtually any development challenge.


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