Tarascon Pediatric Inpatient Pocketbook.pdf

Tarascon Pediatric Inpatient Pocketbook.pdf


Written by two Stanford-trained pediatricians, the Tarascon Pediatric Inpatient Pocketbook contains the most up-to-date pediatric practice guidelines, the latest study findings, medication tables, conversions and formulas as well as differential diagnoses and algorithmic workup ideas for treatment of pediatric patients in a hospital setting. This concisely organized guide is filled with quick facts, reference tables and charts for vital point-of-care information, including asthma, urinary tract infections, antipyretic dosing, maintenance fluid calculations table, nephrotic syndrome, group B strep and many more. The Tarascon Pediatric Inpatient Pocketbook is an essential pocket reference for medical students, residents and attending physicians treating children in an inpatient setting.


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