Only in Spain.pdf

Only in Spain.pdf


"A vivid, entertaining memoir... Bennett had me itching to pack my bag and join her." - Ann Vanderhoof, author of An Embarrassment of Mangoes and The Spice Necklace

NELLIE BENNETT grew up in Sydney, Australia. She moved to Spain in her early twenties to learn flamenco, and spent the better part of the next decade in Spain, France, and Italy. Nellie has worked as a screenwriter in both Australia and Bollywood, and dreams of crossing the Sahara by camel.

What Nellie didn't realize is that flamenco is not a dance, it's a way of life. In Spain, she falls in love three times - the first time with a smokey-eyed flamenco dance teacher; the second time, with a wild and tempestuous gypsy; and the third with a tall, dark handsome Basque chef - not realizing that, all along, it's really Spain she's fallen in love with. A witty, passionate story of romance and discovery.


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