Perl by Example.pdf

Perl by Example.pdf


1. Introduction 2. Scripting 3. Data Types 4. Operators and Conditions 5. Subroutines, Packages, and Modules Subroutines 6. References/Pointers 7. Files and Command Line Arguments 8. Objects 9. Summary

Perl by Example, Fifth Edition, is the easiest, most hands-on way to learn Perl. Legendary Silicon Valley programming instructor Ellie Quigley has thoroughly updated and condensed her classic to focus on the applications and skills today's Perl users care about most: from system task automation, data extraction, and testing through legacy code maintenance and CPAN. Quigley illuminates every technique with focused, classroom-tested code examples, detailed explanations, and real program output. She shows you the code, shows you input and output, and provides detailed, line-by line explanations of how the code generates that output. You'll find realistic insights into maintaining legacy Perl code, and detailed coverage of working with the immense global library of more than 124,000 CPAN software modules. Every section in this edition also contains an up-to-date "Perl Gotchas" section, helping you anticipate, avoid, and overcome the most common Perl programming problems. An easier, quicker read than ever before, this exceptionally clear and practical book will take you from your first Perl script to advanced applications. It's the only Perl book you'll ever need!


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