Gender and Climate Change Financing: Coming Out of the Margin.pdf

Gender and Climate Change Financing: Coming Out of the Margin.pdf


Mariama Williams is a Senior Fellow with the South Centre, based in Geneva, Switzerland. She is also a Research Associate with the International Gender and Trade Network (IGTN) and a director of the Institute of Law and Economics, Jamaica.

1. The Global Climate Change Policy Environment 2. Climate Policy and Gender 3. Gender and the Climate Financing Development 4. Overview of Market-based Financing Schemes 5. The Current State of Climate Change Financing 6. Towards a Gender Friendly Climate Financing Regime 7. Conclusion

Since the coming into force of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (1992) and its associated Kyoto Protocol (1997), there have been growing efforts by gender equality and women's empowerment advocates, both at the governmental, inter-governmental and nongovernmental levels to ensure that climate change policies, decision-making, and initiatives at the global, regional and national levels are gender responsive. While there is a small and growing literature on gender and climate change, the field is still relatively under developed and under researched. There is also very little focus analytical work on gender and climate change. The area of climate change financing and gender is even less understood. This book seeks to contribute to the filling of this void. The book will undertake a comprehensive assessment and analysis of climate change financing and its gender dimensions.


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