Ruthless Execution: What Business Leaders Do When Their Companies Hit the Wall.pdf

Ruthless Execution: What Business Leaders Do When Their Companies Hit the Wall.pdf


AMIR HARTMAN (Los Gatos, CA) is co-founder and managing director of Mainstay Partners, a Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School, and a leading global authority on the business value of technology. A frequent speaker to forums of senior executives, his books include Net Ready: Strategies for Success in the E-conomy and Search for Digital Excellence. CRAIG LEGRANDE (Burlingame, CA) is co-founder and managing director of Mainstay Partners, and has served as senior advisor to leading companies in the automotive, retail and high technology industries, helping them identify new market opportunities and develop effective capital investment strategies.

PART ONE: Managing in Uncertain Times 1. Introduction PART TWO: Leadership: Dealing with the Rude Awakenings 2. Leadership: Strategic Recalibration and the Business Philosophy 3. The Competitor: Jack Welch's Burning Platform: Building the Most Competitive Company on Earth 4. The Recalibrator: John Chambers' Maneuvers the Cisco Systems Growth Engine through Stormy Times PART THREE: How to Play the Game 5. Governance: Building accountability and discipline 6. The Executioner: Lou Gerstner Imposes a New Discipline at IBM 7. Mr. Consistency: Harry Kraemer and the Aligning Of the New Baxter PART FOUR: Breaking Through the Wall 8. Critical Capabilities: The Actions That Make the Difference 9-11: New Cases

Today's business leaders are confronted with a variety of obstacles that threaten their very survival. To survive and thrive, the modern manager must know how to lead through adversity while preparing their companies for a new era of success. In Ruthless Execution, Amir Hartman and Craig LeGrande identify the primary approaches and techniques that keep companies from falling prey to the myriad of corporate, economic, and market challenges faced by organizations around the world. In the second edition of this book, managers and executives will learn when and how to recalibrate the balance between performance and growth; how to define a coherent, tightly-drawn business philosophy that maps to specific actions; new ways to promote accountability and business alignment; and how to use performance metrics without burying people in meaningless trivia. The authors give practical advice on how to develop stronger critical capabilities for understanding and managing complexity. This fully updated edition offers new techniques for thriving despite adversity and features new examples and cases illustrating the challenges faced by the modern global organization.


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