Studies of Video Practices: Video at Work.pdf

Studies of Video Practices: Video at Work.pdf


Mathias Broth is Associate Professor of Language and Culture at Linkoping University, Sweden. Eric Laurier, is Senior Lecturer in Geography and Interaction at Edinburgh University, UK. Lorenza Mondada is Full Professor in General Linguistics and French Linguistics at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

The last two decades have seen a rapid increase in the production and consumption of video by both professionals and amateurs. The near ubiquity of devices with video cameras and the rise of sites like YouTube have lead to the growth and transformation of the practices of producing, circulating, and viewing video, whether it be in households, workplaces, or research laboratories. This volume builds a foundation for studies of activities based in and around video production and consumption. It contributes to the interdisciplinary field of visual methodology, investigating how video functions as a resource for a variety of actors and professions.


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