Aris Roussinous is a 31 year old journalist. Trained as both an anthropologist and an army officer, he grew tired of his media career in London, and started to spend time travelling the world, embedding himself with rebel armies in Libya, Mali, Syria and the Sudan.

A 21st century take on Dispatches, Aris Roussinous tells the real stories behind life in a rebel army. The hidden truth about war is how much fun it is. That's because however they begin, whatever their ostensible aims, wars are fought by young men. And these young men live in burned-out buildings and shelter from tropical storms under thorn trees. They eat their meagre cold rations, and huddle for days under shellfire. They see life differently to us. Their senses are sharper; they shudder every time they hear a plane pass overhead: they know that it's not a videogame anymore. The bombs and bullets are terrifyingly real, and the guys they're killing aren't just bit-part actors in a distant country's tragic story: they're friends. Part travelogue from the world's most dangerous places, part eyewitness testimony to recent, bloody history, this is the true story of how one man embedded himself within rebel fighter groups, and lived to tell the tale.


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