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The Preacher.pdf


Watch out for the new author duo writing under the pseudonym Sander Jakobsen. I've just read their debut crime novel The Preacher ... It's a thrilling, skilful crime novel with great characters and a great atmosphere Sara Blaedel Best of the Latest Releases: The Preacher explores love and guilt in Scandinavian small-town society Radio Times (Nordic Noir) A deceptively clever thriller that bears thinking about ... The Preacher holds its own among the Scandi-crime competing for our attention, and is, I think, ahead of the pack when it comes to the quality of the prose and the subtlety of the themes Killing Time blog The writing team behind this book are gifted with characters and have constructed an intricate psychological premise for their debut novel Crime Fiction Lover blog An excellent crime novel ... The Preacher demonstrates the refreshing span of crime novels published in 2013 Weekendavisen A skilful crime thriller ... perfect for TV adaptation, with sharp images and dialogue that linger on the eyes and the tongue. A sure hit for the commuter's bag - just remember to get off the bus! Liv Magazine The Preacher is a story well told with elegant details, credible dilemmas between motive and opportunity; simply a really good - in places even thought-provoking - crime thriller with a firm grip on its reader Alt for Damerne Magazine

Sander Jakobsen is the pseudonym for Danish writing duo Dagmar Winther and Kenneth Degnbol. Dagmar Winther interned for Birmingham Post & Mail and the European Commission in Brussels before becoming a teacher at a Danish High School. Kenneth Degnbol has a Master's degree in Music and History, and spent four years as a consultant before he began teaching philosophy and music alongside Dagmar. He is a skilled musician and father of three. Both authors live outside of Aarhus. The Preacher is their debut novel, which they translated into English themselves. They are currently working on their next book. @sanderjakobsen

'You will never find me.' Thorkild Christensen stares down at his murdered wife, Karen, and realises he knows almost nothing about her. How did she fill her days? Where did she disappear to every Thursday? Lead investigator Detective Thea Krogh is determined to find out. And then a second woman is shot dead. There is seemingly nothing to link the two victims, and the police move on, desperate for a lead. But someone out there has a deadly secret. And as events begin to play out - masterminded by a strange and bewitching figure - all of their worlds are about to come crashing down ...An ingenious thriller from an exciting new Danish talent. Will you guess the secret to unlock the killer twist?


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