Ben Hogan's Tips for Weekend Golfers: Simple but Valuable Advice for the Average Golfer.pdf

Ben Hogan's Tips for Weekend Golfers: Simple but Valuable Advice for the Average Golfer.pdf


Ted Hunt is a lifelong golfer with more than fifty years of experience on the course. He holds two degrees in physical education and a doctorate in history; he is the author of Ben Hogan's Magical Device and Ben Hogan's Short Game Simplified.

Ben Hogan made hitting a golf ball look easy, and the results spoke for themselves. But Hogan's "swing system" is as complex as a spider's web; the variables and connections are never-ending. In Ben Hogan's Tips for Members, Hunt presents a selection of simple but valuable tips, based on the legendary golfer's secret to a competitive golf swing. The book is intended for the recreational golfer, not the tournament player who has unlimited time to practice. It distills Hogan's observations concerning the vital components of a golf swing--one at a time--and presents them as simply as possible. Each tip is illustrated with a series of photographs, which clearly show the proper grip, stance, backswing, and follow-through. The author addresses these important golfing concepts: * What powers the takeaway? * When and how do the wrists hinge? * What is your first move down from the top of the backswing? * What is the action of the back knee? * When does the lead knee straighten? * How do you connect the arms to the torso? * How do you maximize power through proper timing in the contact zone? * What are the two benefits of "hovering" the putter and the driver? * How can fifteen minutes a day at your home significantly improve 55 percent of your game? In Ben Hogan's Tips for Members, Ted Hunt makes the intricate Hogan system accessible and presents it in a way that "the Hawk" himself might have if he were instructing a club member out on the course.


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