Robinson Crusoe: An Abridged Classic.pdf

Robinson Crusoe: An Abridged Classic.pdf


Saviour Pirotta is the best-selling author of over 100 children’s books. Born in Malta and now living in Yorkshire, Pirotta has written stories, poems, and plays since he was a boy, and he has been writing full-time since 1986. He has won the English Association Award as well as Aesop Accolade in the United States.

When his ship is destroyed at sea, Robinson Crusoe is the only survivor. Washed ashore on a desert island, he builds a shelter, hunts for food, and learns to fend for himself. After years of solitude, Crusoe discovers he may not be alone after all. Who else is on the island, and will Crusoe ever make his way back home? QEB has chosen four fantastic adventure stories for boys to continue their reading in the Classic Collection series. Carefully retold in clear contemporary language, and presented with delightful illustrations, these favorite classic stories capture the heart and imagination of young readers. By retelling the story in a shorter, simpler form, these books engage children, and the color illustrations help with both comprehension and interest level. Part of a collectible series with strong gift appeal.


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