Gilbert Hernandez is co-creator of "Love and Rockets," one of the most celebrated comic-book series of all time. As children, the six Hernandez siblings were voracious comics readers, leading Hernandez to join with brothers Jaime and Mario in 1982 for the self-publication of the first issue of "Love and Rockets," a milestone in the development of alternative comics. "Love and Rockets" and Los Bros. Hernandez, as they became known, received instant acclaim, and the independent comics publisher Fantagraphics offered to publish the series. Since then, Gilbert has been immensely prolific, creating under the "Love and Rockets" banner such comics classics as "Palomar," "Love and Rockets X," and "Luba," for which he has received a Kirby and Inkpot award and six Harvey awards. In recent years, he has written and illustrated a series of comic-book "adaptations" of B movies featuring Fritz, his therapist-turned-actress character from "Luba," in addition to collaborations with Mario Hernandez for the story "Me for the Unknown" and the science-fiction series "Citizen Rex." In 2009, Hernandez was awarded a United States Artists fellowship for literature, and in 2013, he received the PEN USA Literary Award. The author lives in Las Vegas, NV..

From comics luminary and Love and Rockets cocreator Gilbert Hernandez comes a mind-bending genre mashup unlike any other! Published in comics format by Verticgo and never before collected, Grip: The Strange World of Men returns in an expanded edition with new story pages! When Mike Chang wakes up with no memory and nothing but a lipstick smudge and someone else's suit and ID, he finds himself thrown into a world of criminal gangs, crime-fighters, people who swap skins, and a tiny, one-eyed girl with bizarre powers! Discover one of Hernandez's creepiest, sexiest, most action-packed comics extravaganzas! Collects Grip #1-#5 with new story pages.


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