The Political Philosophy of Judith Butler.pdf

The Political Philosophy of Judith Butler.pdf


Birgit Schippers is a Senior Lecturer in Politics at St. Mary's University College Belfast, UK. Her areas of interest include French feminism, citizenship, identity politics, and poststructural and psychoanalytic models of politics.

Introduction. 1. The Politics of Subject Formation. 2. The Political Philosophy of the Human. 3. The Paradox of Violence. 4. Towards a Post-secular World. 5. Undoing the State? Radical Politics beyond Sovereignty. Conclusion.

Judith Butler can justifiably be described as one of the major critical thinkers of our time. While she is best-known for her interventions into feminist debates on gender, sexuality and feminist politics, her focus in recent years has broadened to encompass some of the most pertinent topics of interest to contemporary political philosophy. Drawing on Butler's deconstructive reading of the key categories and concepts of political thought, Birgit Schippers expounds and advocates her challenge to the conceptual binaries that pervade modern political discourse. Using examples and case studies like the West's intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Schippers demonstrates how Butler's philosophically informed engagement with pressing political issues of our time elucidates our understanding of topics such as immigration and multiculturalism, sovereignty, or the prospect for new forms of cohabitation and citizenship beyond and across national boundaries. A detailed exposition and analysis of Butler's recent ideas, championing her efforts at articulating the possibilities for radical politics and ethical life in an era of global interdependence, this book makes an makes an important contribution to the emerging field of international political philosophy.


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