Cyber Force Origins: v. 1.pdf

Cyber Force Origins: v. 1.pdf


Go back to the Beginning! To coincide with the groundbreaking return of "Cyber Force", Top Cow proudly presents the original stories that launched the series in this introductory-priced collection! Collecting the very first Cyber Force story, "Tin Men of War," along with two bonus issues, fans can go back and rediscover the introduction of characters like Velocity, Ripclaw, Heatwave, Cyblade, Impact, and Ballistic to the world of comics with brilliant art by Marc Silvestri ("The Darkness", "Incredible Hulk"), Walter Simonson ("The Avengers", "Thor"), and David Finch ("Aphrodite IX", "The Dark Knight"). Collecting "Cyber Force Volume 1" number 1-4, "Cyber Force" number 0, and "Cyber Force Annual" number 1, this collection includes a complete cover gallery, character designs, commentary, and more.


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