On a Roll.pdf

On a Roll.pdf


An enterprising kid from the Bronx, Howard had one simple - but smart - idea that revolutionized telecommunications. He pioneered what is now an over-a-billion-dollar-a-year-industry, successfully fought off AT&T's aggressive attempts to pull the plug on his operation - then took his own start-up company public, to net over $100 million for himself. And it all began with a hot dog stand, as Jonas relates in this effervescent account of how he became the milionaire nextdoor. "Mr. Jonas enjoys playing David to any Goliath in sight". ("The Economist"). "An Edisonian visionary". ("New York Mag"). "Score one for the little guy". ("Forbes"). "The advice should prove illuminating and the adventure inspirational to anyone following, or contemplating, a similar self-made journey". (Howard Rothman). "Readers won't fail to admire the author's drive, and some will enjoy his humorous approach..." ("Publisher's Weekly"). This book is an entertaining, enlightening, occasionally intense first-person glimpse at Howard's take on life. Look at the world through his eyes and you're guaranteed to see things differently. This title is for readers who enjoyed: "Trump: The Art of the Deal" (9780345479174); "The Warren Buffett Way" (9780471743675); "Over the Top" (9780785271192); and, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" (9780446567404).


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