Cyber Force: Origins v. 3.pdf

Cyber Force: Origins v. 3.pdf


Claremont and Silvestri reunited! To coincide with the groundbreaking return of Cyber Force, Top Cow proudly continues the original stories that launched the series! Collecting the many of the never-before-reprinted original ongoing "Cyber Force" series, this trade includes the "SHOC Treatment' storyline that reunited Christ Claremont and Marc Silvestri for the first time since their groundbreaking collaboration on Uncanny X-Men! Revisit the classic adventures of Velocity, Ripclaw, Heatwave, Cyblade, Impact, and Ballistic as they do battle against the evil forces of Cyberdata. This collection includes a complete cover gallery, character designs, commentary, and more! It collects "Cyber Force Volume 2" numbered 9-16, and "Cyber Force Origins" number 2.


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