Forensic Neuropathology, Third Edition.pdf

Forensic Neuropathology, Third Edition.pdf


Praise for the previous edition: This new edition of the publication, which has served as a major reference source to the forensic community for over two decades, becomes available to the readers contemporaneously with several other high quality publications from the field, and it is largely assumed that such a treatise is to reflect previously established teaching concepts with inevitable apodictic flavor. Jan Leestma simply proves the opposite through this genuine effort of complete rewriting of the original text and realigns it with decades of personal experience from his busy practice as a consulting neuropathologist. The endeavor is surely re-enforced by the highly acclaimed contributors. -Ljubisa J. Dragovic, M.D., Chief Medical Examiner, Oakland County, Pontiac, Michigan, in Journal of Forensic Sciences, Vol. 55, No. 1 ... the chapters that deal with head trauma and cerebrovascular disease were particularly well written and relevant to my own practice. ... I found the book very useful and would recommend it to pathologists, coroners, as well as to clinicians called to give expert opinions in both civil and criminal courts. -Paul V. Marks, Consultant Neurosurgeon, The General Infirmary at Leeds, UK I would imagine that this book is a good neuropathology atlas too. I spent lot of time looking at the illustrative pictures, and gained much simply by looking at them. In my opinion, this book should be very useful to forensic pathologists, forensic neuropathologists, clinicians, medical examiners and law enforcement officers. -Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology ... an authoritative and comprehensive text which covers the relevant neuropathology in considerable detail. ... the broad principles will stand anyone who finds themselves acting as an expert witness in good stead. ...There is a consistency in style, which is sometimes lacking from multi-author texts. -Mark Walker, Wiley Online Library

Pathology and Neuropathology in the Forensic Setting. Forensic Aspects of Adult General Neuropathology. General Forensic Neuropathology of Infants and Children. Forensic Aspects of Intracranial Equilibria. Physical Injury to the Nervous System. Child Abuse: Neuropathology Perspectives. Gunshot and Penetrating Wounds of the Nervous System. Forensic Aspects of Complex Neural Functions.

The field of forensic neuropathology covers such controversial topics as the effects of repeated brain trauma in football players and how babies can die from being shaken. Jan Leestma is one of the most respected voices in this area. In light of constant new findings, this third edition of a classic reference includes expanded sections on multiple trauma, one punch/one hit arterial injuries, physiology of respiratory control, and updates on Daubert/Frye. The book also examines relevant physics, mechanics, and the pathology of blast injuries. More than 300 color illustrations complement this essential text for medical examiners and attorneys.


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