Jan and Sara were already friends when one day they decided they wanted to write children's stories and it would be more fun to write them together. That was 18 years ago. Since then they've written over 160 stories - including some about ghosts, football, ghosts playing football and naughty gargoylz. Jan lives in Essex with her family and Sara lives in London with hers. They both have black cats who completely rule their lives. For more information, please visit Jan and Sara's website www.burchettandvogler.co.uk and follow them on Twitter @BurchettVogler. Illustrator Alex Paterson's extended family tend to be either soldiers or illustrators except Alex, who has been both, one after the other! He now lives in a beautiful Warwickshire village with his wife and daughter. Visit his website at http://illustratorpod.co.uk/ or follow him on Twitter @Alexjrpaterson

Is there something strange in your garden? LOOK OUT! It could be an ALIEN from another planet! Pets from Space are cool! Pets from Space are clever! Pets from Space have gadgets with superpowers! But ...WARNING! Pets from Space are naughty and their tricks might get you into trouble! Find out what happens to Tom, Zack and Daisy when they meet the PETS FROM SPACE! Each book features 2 fun stories, fully illustrated in black and white throughout by Alex Paterson.


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