Women in Early Aviation.pdf

Women in Early Aviation.pdf


Dean Juniper is a lecturer at the University of Reading. He has written numerous academic papers and publications.

From the earliest days of balloons in the eighteenth century, and in the pioneer years of heavier than air flight, women have played a role in the development and history of flying. The earliest balloonists included Eliza Garnerin and Sophie Blanchard, both famous for circus-style stunts while ballooning. In 1910, Baroness de Laroche gained the first female pilot's licence in the world, while in 1911, Hilda Hewlett became the first qualified woman pilot and flying instructor in the UK. The advent of war saw women fighter pilots in Russia and afterwards the thrill seekers took to the air, smashing records for distance and speed. Female pilots included Amy Johnston, Amelia Earheart, the test pilot Hanna Reitsch and dive bomber Melitta Shenk.Dean Juniper rounds off by telling the stories of those women who ferried aircraft for the RAF during World War Two, as well as the Russian pilots who fought so hard against the Germans.


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