Psychedelic Drug Treatments.pdf

Psychedelic Drug Treatments.pdf


Dr Ben Sessa MBBS BSc MRCPsych is a consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist working in Taunton, Somerset(UK) with the National Deaf Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. He began publishing in medical journals on the subject of psychedelics as a trainee and since then has spoken nationally and internationally to doctors in a campaign to see these fascinating substances return to the mainstream pharmacopeia where their lives began. In 2008 he became a Research Associate under Prof. David Nutt at Bristol University, where he consulted for the ACMD on MDMA before working on the UK's only human hallucinogen study in modern times - being the first person to be legally administered a classical psychedelic drug in the UK for 33 years.

CONTENT QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS about the medical definition/description of the condition; the source/causes; details of symptoms; available cure/treatment; and societal issues or public opinion such as legal issues, social/psychological ramifications, etc. CASE STUDIES(2) Patient's perspective/Doctor's perspective ANIMATIONS, FIGURES, PHOTOS To support, explain topics under discussion. In electronic versions these items are integrated as hyperlinks and "pop-ups" throughout the text RESOURCES Web sites, articles, blogs, and books that offer additional information on each subject COMPANION DVD To accompany printed versions with animations, color figures from the book, Web links, animations, etc.

"Psychiatry needs psychedelics and psychedelics need psychiatry. Without researching them for medical therapy psychiatry is turning its back on a group of compounds that could have great potential. And without the validation of the medical profession the psychedelic drugs, and those who take them off-license, remain archaic sentiments of the past, maligned as recreational drug abusers subject to continued negative opinion."


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