Air Mail: Postcards from the Pioneering Age of Aviation in Italy.pdf

Air Mail: Postcards from the Pioneering Age of Aviation in Italy.pdf


Stefano Bulgarelli is the author of Il Folle Volo, (2007) a book on aviation photography during World War I. He was a researcher in Fotomuseo Giuseppe Panini, which holds one of the most comprehensive collection on early aviation in Italy.

Contents: The Origins (From hot-air balloons to the flights of the Wright Brothers in Rome); The Air Shows (postcards and other memorabilia from the earliest and most important aviation shows in Italy); Pilots and air planes (portraits of some of the most famous pilots who performed during the Italian air shows. Contains also a selection of postcards coming from other countries); Art and Photographs (Early aviation has been chronicled by famous illustrators and amateur photographers); Wings of War (from the Italo-Turkish War to World War I, the birth and rise of Italian military aviation); Francesco Baracca (the Italian ace who invented the Cavallino Rampante).

A visual history of the pioneering age of flight in Italy, through a selection of rare postcards coming from one of the nation's largest collections specialising in aviation. The first flights in Italy were performed by Orville and Wilbur Wright in Centocelle, near Rome, in April 1909. From that moment, hundreds of brave men on their incredible machines started to sail the Italian skies during large air shows in Brescia, Milan, Verona, just to name a few. The air shows were great opportunities for postcard publishers, which produced many real photo and illustrated postcards, also used for the first experiments of air mail delivery. Aviation in Italy stopped being a sport sooner than in most other countries when Italian pilots were involved in the Italo-Turkish war in Libya, experimenting with techniques which were to be completed and brought to military perfection during World War I.


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