Introduction to Crowd Science.pdf

Introduction to Crowd Science.pdf


Keith Still is a Senior Consultant in crowd management at G4S Secure Solutions, and Professor of Crowd Dynamics & Crowd Management at the International Centre for Crowd Management and Security Studies at Buckinghamshire New University. As a seasoned trainer he has developed the crowd dynamics materials and workshops of the Emergency Planning College, where he has lectured since 1999. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.

1. Introduction 2. Crowd Problems and Crowd Safety 3. The Science of Crowd Dynamics 4. Validating Crowd and Event Models 5. Event Planning Applications 6. Control Room Applications 7. Conclusions Appendices A. Basic Maths - Worked Examples B. Disaster Database C. Case studies and further reading D. Web resources

This well-grounded and practical guide highlights the underlying causes of crowd disasters and mass fatalities-giving readers insight into the root causes of crowd related accidents. It presents a clearer understanding of crowd dynamics and provides the modeling techniques to plan and manage carefully, leading to clear improvements in crowd safely. The book is written for students and professionals in a number of areas such as event organization and management as well as police and emergency services. It is focused on principles independent of any particular software and heavily illustrated with examples from practice, both good and bad.


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