Individual Adaptability to Changes at Work: New Directions in Research.pdf

Individual Adaptability to Changes at Work: New Directions in Research.pdf


"Adaptability throughout the life span is an increasingly important topic, tackled thoughtfully by the psychologists contributing to this interesting book." --Denise M Rousseau. Organizational and Public Policy. Carnegie Mellon University "The chapters in this volume collectively provide a comprehensive review of the extant theory and research related to individual adaptability at work, particularly addressing important issues of construct definition, dimensionality, measurement, and relation to larger frameworks of both work performance and individual differences. Perhaps even more importantly, Chan and the chapter authors have clearly identified many of the unresolved and emerging research questions that will guide the next generation of theory development and empirical studies which will place adaptability at the center of scholarly understanding of effective individual, team, and organizational performance." --James L. Farr, Professor Emeritus of I-O Psychology, Pennsylvania State University "David Chan has edited the definitive volume on adaptation in the workplace. This superb book presents both the research findings of how people and organizations adapt to change and how those findings can be applied in the workplace. The book explores in depth theories of adaptation, as well as several approaches to the measurement of adaptation. People wanting to understand adaptation, as well as aid it in changing work environments, must read this excellent book. The work is particularly helpful in pointing to new research directions and methods for studying adaptation at work." -Ed Diener, Joseph R. Smiley Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Illinois, USA "The world of work is changing rapidly, and adaptability to change is becoming a key driver of success in the workplace. David Chan has assembled a distinguished team of authors to examine what adaptability means, how it can be measured, how it can be developed and what its implications are for both organizations and individual employees. This is a valuable work on an increasingly important topic" --Kevin Murphy, Colorado State University

David Chan is currently Professor of Psychology and Director of Behavioural Sciences Institute at Singapore Management University. He received his PhD in IO psychology from Michigan State University Professor Chan's research includes areas in research methods and data analysis with a focus on longitudinal modelling and multilevel issues, and a focus on personnel selection and adaption to changes, and subjective well-being. He is the author of a textbook in Personnel Selection with Neal Schmitt from Sage (1998) David is a Fellow of APA, APS, SIOP, and International Association for Applied Psychology, and voted Best professor in psychology at the World Education Congress, Asia.

Part I: Conceptualizing and Assessing Individual Adaptability 1. Adapting to Rapid Changes at Work: Definitions, Measures and Research N.Schmitt, D.Chan 2. The Motivational Underpinnings of Adaptability G.Chen, B.M. Firth 3. Proactivity and Adaptability J.Zhu,M.Frese, W.Li 4. Conceptualizing and Assessing Interpersonal Adaptability: Towards a Functional Framework T. Oliver, F.Lieves 5. Organizational Adaptability R.E.Ployhart, S.F.Turner Part II: Contexts of Individual Adaptability 6. Career Adaptability: Theory and Measurement F.T.L.Leong, C.Ott-Holland 7. The Role of Adaptability in Work-Family Conflict and Coping D.A. Major,M.L.Litano8. Retirement and Adaptability M.Wang,L.T.Penn 9. Adaptability and Intercultural Interaction in the Work Context: A Cultural Tuning Perspective K.Leung, G.H.-L. Cheng Part III: Concluding Observations 10. Emerging Themes in Adaptability Research D.Chan

Individual Adaptability to changes at work refers to an individual's response to new demands or ill defined problems created by uncertainty, complexity, mergers, and any rapid change in the work situation. Today, one of the key factors for individual's success is said to be adaptability. In the past two decades there has been increasing interest in the research on individual adaptability, and this is one of the first academic volumes to look at this important topic. Specific contexts that will be addressed include newcomer adaptation, team building and functioning, work-family conflict, retirement and career management. The book will provide a comprehensive and integrated analysis of the conceptual, assessment and contextual issues that will help identify the current trends and emerging themes in adaptability research.


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