Herbal Drugs as Therapeutic Agents.pdf

Herbal Drugs as Therapeutic Agents.pdf


An insight into anticancer mechanism of withaferin A A scientific review of anticancer and cytotoxic potential of sesquiterpenoids Survey of Indian medicinal plants for alkaloids and their pharmacology Anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents from Indian medicinal plants Glycyrrhizin Tetrahydrocannabinol (+)-pinitol Androgrpaholide Curcumin Boswellic acid Lycopene Bacosides Guggulsterones Hypericin Hyperforin Silymarin Forshkolin Stevioside Berberine Anthraquinone Picrosides and kutkosides Plumbagin Yohimbine Carnosolic acid Hesperidin Baicaclein Protopine Vinpocetine Tylophorine Parthenolide Asciaticoside

Phytochemicals are the mainstay of therapeutics of herbal or botanical medicine. Research on phytomolecules is conducted worldwide and several have been screened for clinical trials. This includes several promising anticancer phytomolectules, such as withaferin-a and camphothecin. This book provides a scientific understanding of the mode of action of these molecules. It targets only those phytohemicals and herbal extracts that are subjects of recent pharmacological investigations. Chapters such as industrial crops for steroid manufacturing and anticancer and cytotoxic potential of sesquiterpenoids add special flavour to the book, making readers eager to learn more about the commercial viability of phytochemical and herbal extracts.


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