I See the Sun in India.pdf

I See the Sun in India.pdf


"I See the Sun in India, the seventh book in the I See the Sun in ...series, takes place in Jaipur, India, known for its gems as well as its rich history, beautiful palaces and forts. Mila, the young girl in the story, lives with her parents in an old Raja palace that the family runs as a small hotel. Mila represents a generation in India of smart, ambitious young people who want to be independent business owners but who still are connected to their roots. Mila, like all young girls, likes to play with her friends and go to the movies, but she is also already thinking about learning the gem business, an indigenous industry. The story takes the reader through Mila's day--waking to the sounds of peacocks, the wonderful colors of the aromatic Indian meals, the congested and colorful bazaar streets, school, a Bollywood movie, and family time with stories. Mila relates to her day in ways that highlight some of the cultural aspects of living in Jaipur. Thislatest book in the I See the Sun in ...series has a more complex story and may be more suitable for grades 3-6 rather than K and 1st. However, the more in-depth story reflects the complicated, many-layered experience of living in India."


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